As a small island nation right next to Australia, the country of New Zealand is a place of natural beauty that has been untouched for centuries. Due to its location, students who want to research marine life and ecology often go to Australia or New Zealand to study the Great Barrier Reef. Even though it is a great place, many students can’t go to New Zealand due to its expensive fees and even higher educational costs. To eliminate this financial burden once and for all, universities of New Zealand have united to make this awesome proposal available even to international students. In order to attract prospective students from all over the world, the Government of New Zealand is currently offering many full-ride scholarships to eligible applicants.


Benefits of New Zealand Government Scholarships

As I have said before, the Government of New Zealand does not spare any expenses when it comes down to scholarship funding for international students. To cover every aspect of your costs, the New Zealand Government has dedicated many scholarship stipends to eliminate your financial burden. The list below contains all the benefits of New Zealand Government Scholarships, and I hope that this information encourages you to apply for this full-ride scholarship!

  • Traveling Fees (Airplane Tickets From and To Your Country)
  • Full Tuition Fees
  • Living Stipend Every Week 
  • Mandatory Fees (Books, Study Materials, Accommodation Costs)
  • Coverage of Medical Insurance and Travel Insurance
  • Costs for Thesis and Research*

*Postgraduate students only

As you can see, New Zealand Government Scholarships cover every aspect of your college education, and if that is not enough, there is an additional traveling allowance that allows you to go back home during your scholarship period. If your scholarship period is long enough, there is a huge stipend to cover your traveling fees to and from home, so make sure to take advantage of this information. After seeing all the benefits, you are probably excited to get this scholarship, and for good reason! However, nothing comes without a price since it is going to take your time and effort to get the New Zealand Government Scholarship.

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Eligibility Requirements of New Zealand Government Scholarships

Since this is New Zealand’s most prestigious scholarship, the New Zealand Government has taken several measures to limit its range of applicants. The first requirement concerns your country of citizenship, which you can check by clicking on the link below.  If your country is among the list of eligible nations, then you have passed the first test!

To See the Eligible Countries for New Zealand Government Scholarship, Click Here

If you have passed the first test, then you have come to the second phase, which is the application requirements of New Zealand Government Scholarships. There are several key application requirements which concern your age, immigration requirements, academic requirements, English proficiency requirements, and more. If you are from one of the eligible countries, then you can begin the next step by looking at the following eligibility criteria down below.

  • Be 18 Years or Older*
  • Meet the Immigration Requirements for a Visa
  • Meet the Minimum Academic Requirements**
  • Need to Positively Impact Your Home Country
  • Must-Have Work Experience (Only for Postgraduate Applicants)

*Be 18 years or older when starting the scholarship. There is a special exception for Samoa, and there is no upper age limit for this scholarship. However, the universities of New Zealand prefer applicants older than 18 and younger than 40.

**When applying for the government scholarship, you are required to choose an institution that you want to study in. Even though you don’t have to apply for the admissions of your particular institution, you need to check that you meet the minimum academic requirements listed by that college. In addition, you also need to meet the minimum level of English proficiency since all the courses during your stay will be conducted in English. Only shortlisted applicants need to provide English language test scores.

When studying under the New Zealand Government Scheme, you need to be enrolled in a program that will positively impact your home country in social or economic development. After taking your courses, you are required to go back to your home country to achieve this goal, and you are receiving the funding of New Zealand to fulfill this purpose. For postgraduate applicants, you need to have relevant work experience related to your area of study. There might be an exception for some groups, but for most, the experience is a must since this is a highly competitive scholarship.

To view the Eligibility Criteria, Click Here

How to Apply for New Zealand Government Scholarships

To further help the applicants from developing countries, the Government of New Zealand has listed several recommended subjects for prospective applicants. If you are from Asia and you apply for one of the recommended subjects for Asian countries, you will receive priority admissions from the New Zealand Government. Just because you applied for the recommended subject, that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed admissions; however, if you do, you will have a higher chance of being admitted for the New Zealand Government Scholarship.

To view the Recommended Subjects of Each Country, Click Here.

After choosing your subject to study, your next step is to choose which institution to study in. You can choose from the top universities in New Zealand and even from top-tier institutes of technology as well. Since your country may be restricted to some levels of higher education, it is vital that you know the eligibility requirements of your home country. Do your research, and pick the institution that is the best fit for your educational needs and interests.

To view the Top New Zealand Universities and Institutions, Click Here

Last but not least, you can finally begin your application process! The application procedure for each country is different, so make sure to use the link down below to know more. I hope this helps, and please apply before the deadline! If the deadline has passed, note it in the calendar for next year since you can always apply next time.

To see the Application Form and Apply for New Zealand Government Scholarships, Click Here


I hope that this information on New Zealand Government Scholarships was informative. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!