Abbreviated as LMU, the full name of this acronym stands for Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. Being one of the top-tier institutions in Europe, LMU Munich is renowned for its outstanding academic facilities that challenge its students through an intensive curriculum. Because of its ancient historical roots, LMU teaches traditional courses such as humanities, medicine, law, economics, and all types of sciences and arts. In order to house the needed knowledge for 18 departments, LMU Munich has created one of the finest library systems that the world has ever seen. By consistently spending funds to buy books and volumes for its increasing thirst, over 100 small libraries were formed to create the Main University Library that contains nearly 7 million volumes. Unlike other institutions that I have previously covered, LMU Munich still practices free tuition for every incoming student, which includes international applicants as well.

Free Tuition at LMU Munich

Most courses offered at LMU Munich charges free tuition; however, there is a required tuition fee if you want to take summer courses or select Master’s courses offered at LMU. If you are just coming to take an undergraduate course or a Master’s course that is not included in the charging list, you won’t be charged tuition fees since education is part of human rights. If you don’t have to pay tuition, then what do you need to pay for? In LMU, you are charged a student services fee and a transportation fee for each semester, which amount to 200 euros ($220)Since two semesters make up a year, you will be paying approximately $450 per year as your educational fee.

In addition, you also have to account for your living expenses as well. For most international students studying in Germany, the biggest fee comes from your monthly housing fee, and the expenses go downhill from there depending on what you are eating. In order to help international students prepare financially, LMU Munich has created a basic guideline for your monthly expenses. Due to inflation, the prices might be higher than listed, so be sure to do your own research before applying for LMU.

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Scholarships / Grants Offered at LMU Munich

Just by reading through the above section, you know that your college career starts off with free tuition, and the only thing that you need to be concerned about is your living expenses. Since Munich is the second most popular state in Germany, living expenses will be quite higher than in other German cities. If you need financial assistance during your stay in Germany, LMU Munich has provided several ways to finance your studies either through a scholarship or through a grant. Scholarship is rare for incoming freshmen since free tuition is practice for all incoming students; however, grants can be your major option of financial aid since you can receive a grant during your freshmen year while only third-year students receive scholarships.

If you are applying for a doctoral degree, you don’t really have to concern yourself by searching for scholarship since you will be offered individual funding through work-study or by being scientific assistance for your academic department. Even for students in bachelor’s or Master’s programs, you can still apply for a work-study position; however, you need to be familiar with the German language since you will be solely working with departments that speaks in German.

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Before we end this post, I will let you know that there is another option that you can choose if you are not interested in staying through the whole duration of an undergraduate or a graduate course. To provide a unique experience of studying in Germany even for a short period of time, LMU has established summer schools that provide accommodation and a great education at an affordable price. Even though you have to pay tuition fees, attending summer classes in Germany is a whole lot of fun due to its intensive academic curriculum combined with even better outdoor activities. If you are interested in attending a summer course at LMU Munich, be sure to give it a try by visiting the link down below. As always, good luck and stay safe!

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I hope that this article on LMU Munich scholarships for international students was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Germany!