Originally founded as Riyadh University in 1957, King Saud University has been carrying its current name since 1982, becoming the most significant higher education institution in Saudi Arabia. Based in the capital city of Riyadh, the university was created to address the need for skilled workers in the then-developing nation. In recent years, the university has invested heavily in becoming a highly-modern and research-oriented institution.

KSU is currently attended by over 40,000 male and female students, making it the largest university in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest in the region. KSU consists of six faculties and is particularly regarded as a top institution for its medical programs. There are many undergraduate programs being taught in English, while some are taught entirely in Arabic. In this article, we will be looking at King Saud University scholarships for international students.

Before we get started, we will look over some of the frequently asked questions that readers of this article ask.

How Much Does the Tuition Fee Costs at King Saud University for International Students?

The tuition fee for undergraduate and graduate students at King Saud University only costs $1,000 per year. Aside from these low tuition fees, the university has opened many scholarship opportunities that international students may consider.

However, King Saud University accepts only a limited number of international students yearly. Make sure to gather and process your application early to be considered in the university.

Can International Students Apply for a Scholarship at King Saud University?

Yes! International students at King Saud University can apply for a scholarship. They have various scholarships and awards open to local and international students. The monetary amount may vary depending on the degree, program, and GPA, and it can cover living stipends.

In the article below, we will be talking about some of the undergraduate and graduate scholarships offered to international students. Make sure to check them out!

International Students at King Saud University

With its strong international reputation and the high number of English-taught programs, King Saud University is a great option for foreign students, especially those from neighboring countries, to study in a world-class institution. Foreign students currently make up about 7% of the entire student population, meaning that there are currently around 3,000 internationals at KSU.

Since Saudi universities have a limit on how many non-Saudis can attend each year, only a select few distinguished international students are accepted into KSU. That being said, most of those who are accepted are immediately eligible for a scholarship, which means that their education will be very affordable.

Tuition Fee at King Saud University for International Students

Despite a limited number of international students accepted each year, there are still many who apply, and a big reason for that is the affordability of KSU and most other Saudi universities.

Bachelor’s and master’s programs only cost $1,000 per year, and the university also offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships, which we will talk about below. There are also some even more affordable online education programs.

International Admissions Guide at King Saud University

Apart from the quite rigorous admission requirements, especially for international applicants, the application process itself is simple. All students are required to submit an online application. You can select up to 15 program preferences that you would like to attend.

Spots are very limited, so it’s possible that you may not be accepted for the program you most wish to study. In this case, you can try re-applying in the next academic year.

Results of the admission process are delivered through SMS. You can read more details about the admission procedures on this link.

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Application Fee at King Saud University

There is no known application fee for KSU, apart from the costs it takes to submit all documentation and sit the necessary exams before admission.

Admissions Requirements at King Saud University for International Students

Saudi universities have fairly strict admission requirements, and KSU is no exception. Each applicant will have to obtain approval from their native country. Their school certificates then need to be attested by an Islamic authority. Students are also required to provide all types of documentation, including medical clearance, police records, three recent photos, and others. There are also language requirements. A sufficient TOEFL or IELTS score is needed for English programs, but knowledge of Arabic is also a must.

Additionally, graduate applicants will need to hold a bachelor’s degree up to par with Saudi standards, and there is also a GPA requirement for most of the faculties that students can apply to. All students are required to attend a course in the Arabic language before being eligible for admission.

King Saud University Rankings

King Saud University is the top-ranked university in Saudi Arabia, and it has been for many years. It is also the most prestigious university on the Arabian peninsula. It is mentioned among the top 5% of universities worldwide, currently ranking within the top 200 in the world. It is particularly highly regarded for its medical education.

King Saud University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at King Saud University is rather high at around 70% to 80%. However, since spots for international students are limited, this means that only the most accomplished international students will get admitted, so the acceptance rate for foreigners is probably a lot smaller.

King Saud University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Stipends

Stipends are awarded to all King Saud University students, regardless of gender, nationality, or study level (undergraduate or graduate), who meet the stipend requirements. The stipend amount ranges from $226 to $266, depending on the program, and the amount is deposited regularly to the student’s bank account.

All students with a GPA greater than 2.0 will receive this King Saud University scholarship. They are required to withdraw the amount within three months, after which the money is transferred to the Student Fund.

The payment time of the stipend may vary, and it is publicly shared on the university website. If students are eligible to receive the stipend but have not seen it in their accounts, they should contact the Deanship.

2. Excellence Rewards

Excellent rewards are based on academic success and are reserved for thriving Saudi or international undergraduate students. The students who have shown great results in the two semesters of the academic year will receive $266 from the university. The funds will be directly deposited into the student’s bank account.

This King Saud University scholarship is the toughest one to get because it requires students to have a perfect 4.5 GPA across both semesters of the academic year. Students who have a 4.5 GPA but have failed one or more subjects are not eligible for the scholarship. Already graduate students who have a 4.5 GPA over an entire academic year are eligible to receive this reward.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Book and Reference Allowance

This King Saud University scholarship pays graduate students $250 as a book and reference allowance and an additional $1,000 for printing their master’s or Ph.D. thesis. If the student is not employed and their student number is greater than 430, he/she can receive the allowance directly to their bank account, while students with a number below 429 can receive the allowance from the accountant at their college.

Graduate students who are employed at King Saud University can receive their allowance at the Deanship of Personnel. The printing allowance can be received after the student is considered to be graduated. As with the books and reference allowance, employees at KSU can collect their printing allowance from the Deanship of Personnel.

To find out more about these King Saud University scholarships for international students, you can visit the official scholarship page of King Saud University.


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