Most of the students are worried about getting admission to college. They face many difficulties while deciding which college to attend. Even if they have chosen a college, they face difficulty in applying and getting admission to their favorite college. Not only the students, but their parents are also much worried about the admission of the students. They go to admission counselors and application writers wasting a considerable amount of money.

If you are also a student worried about getting admission to the college, your problem seems to be solved now. This book solves all your problems with college admission.

This Guide to College Admissions: From Application to Acceptance by Robin Mamlet and VanDeVelde explains how you can choose a college that is the best fit for you. It tells the students what factors they should consider while selecting a college. The book explains how selecting the wrong college can cause loss to parents and students, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right college. It will guide you step by step in making a choice according to your educational needs.

This book not only helps you to choose a good college but also helps you get admission to the desired college. It will guide you in writing an admission application that will be accepted by the deans.

The book describes the things that play an important role in getting admission applications accepted. It tells you how your grades will affect the admission application. Many students have an idea about the role of high school grades in getting their applications accepted, but they are negligent about the fact that the courses they studied at high school are also taken into consideration. This book very efficiently explains both the role of grades and courses in the admission application.

Admission to a good college is not only dependent on grades and courses but also on co-curricular activities. This ultimate guide to college admission explains the importance of co-curricular activities. It also tells you how to mention and describe the extra-curricular in your admission application.

This book also tells how the parents can help and ensure the admission of the student to the desired college. It also gives tips about how a student can get good grades on the entrance test. It guides the students about how they should prepare for the entrance test conducted by some colleges for admission.

In the end, the book guides the students who want to apply through sports or arts. It gives useful tips to the athletes and artists and helps them write an admission application that will be easily accepted. The book helps not only the US citizens but also provides useful information to international students on how they can get admission to the colleges present in the US.

The book is still useful even if you have got admission to college. It provides help in applying for financial aids and scholarships. It also guides the students in writing applications for financial assistance.

In short, Guide to College Admissions is the ultimate guide that solves all the problems of students about college admission. The admission applications of most of the students guided by this book were accepted by the college.  We strongly recommend the students to buy this book so that they can get admission to their desired college easily.


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