Doshisha University, a private institution in Japan, started offering education in 1875 through a dedicated Meiji-era educator, Joseph Hardy Neesima. As one of the nation’s oldest universities, it sits at the heart of Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto City. It built two primary campuses in the city, namely the Imadegawa and Kyotanabe campuses. The Imadegawa campus, the university’s birthplace, integrates well with the university’s rich cultural and historical identity. On the other hand, the Kyotanabe campus exhibits the university’s modern and technological progress as an academic institution.

Over 28,000 students make up the university’s student body, receiving a world-class education from over 2,300 part-time lecturers and full-time faculty members. It has 16 graduate schools, two professional graduate schools, and 15 faculties. Since more than 145 years ago, the university has continued to fulfill its dream of providing consistent education that eventually led to an integrated educational system. In this article, we will be looking at Doshisha University scholarships for international students.

International Students at Doshisha University

Doshisha University has almost 1,300 international students in various undergraduate and graduate programs. It offers them support through multiple resources and services. Besides scholarships, international students may ask for visa processing assistance. They can also ask for finding housing and accommodation during their stay in the country. There are also health and counseling services available for international students.

Additionally, the university offers tutor support for graduate students. For all international students, the International Peer Support Program helps them transition into their new lives in Japan. Students who are looking to earn while studying can also use the university website to look for part-time jobs. Furthermore, the Office of International Students emphasizes its capability to help students address their academic questions and concerns.

Tuition Fee at Doshisha University for International Students

The annual tuition fee for a full-time undergraduate degree program at Doshisha University costs around $8,000 to $11,300. Some of the programs charging the lowest tuition rate are Theology, Letters, Social Studies, and Commerce. Conversely, the university offers Japanese courses in Medicine Sciences, and Science and Engineering, at the highest tuition costs. Besides the tuition fee, international students must also pay a one-time admission fee of $1,800 and other program-based expenses such as facilities and laboratory fees, the Academic Association fee, and the Parent-Teacher Association fees.

For graduate school admission, the following annual tuition fees apply to respective academic levels:

Additionally, international students admitted in the graduate programs may have to pay for the initial registration fee, one-time admission fee, and other expenses similar to the undergraduate programs.

International Admissions Guide at Doshisha University

The university offers its English-taught undergraduate courses through the Institute of Liberal Arts. The institute consists of programs from six faculties: Letters, Sociology, Law, Economics, Commerce, and Policy Science. To apply for these programs, you can follow the admissions guide for international students here.

Meanwhile, Doshisha University also offers English-taught graduate programs for international students. Some of the graduate schools that offer these programs are the graduate schools of Life and Medical Sciences, Global Studies, Brain Science, Science and Engineering, and Business. If you are looking to apply to these courses, you can consult this guide for the admission process.

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Application Fee at Doshisha University

The application fee for Doshisha University undergraduate studies is around $150. The graduate studies application fee is between $100 to $150, depending on the program.

Admissions Requirements at Doshisha University for International Students

International students looking to join the undergraduate programs at Doshisha University should meet the admission requirements. These include a complete twelve-year school education and English language proficiency through an English language proficiency test score or an Aptitude test score. Native English speakers automatically meet the English language requirement. Besides the documents supporting these qualifications, applicants should also submit a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and identification documents.

For the graduate programs, international applicants’ admissions requirements may vary depending on the program or academic level. Most graduate programs have former education and English proficiency requirements, but some may also look for specific qualifications. For example, the Graduate School of Global Studies Master’s program requires applicants to be at least 22 years of age and at least 24 years old for a doctoral program. On the other hand, the Global MBA program considers applicants of any age.

Doshisha University Rankings

Doshisha University is the first Christian institution of higher education in Japan. Times Higher Education placed it 45th for its Japan universities ranking, 401st for Asian rankings in 2020 and 1001st in world rankings for 2021. QS World Universities rankings for 2021 also placed the university at 1001st.

Doshisha University Acceptance Rate

Doshisha University has an acceptance rate of 20%, making it one of Japan’s most selective universities. Despite this, the university remains one of the top higher education institutions preferred by local and international students. Its admission policy centers on accepting the students with the best potential to contribute to and develop from the university’s academic and extracurricular activities.

Doshisha University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Scholarship for Applicants from Developing Countries

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: $780 monthly allowance and full waiver for all tuition and university fees

This Doshisha University scholarships is for two selected applicants from classified least developed or other low-income countries. Eligible applicants may have their application fee waived during application by enclosing an application fee waiver. The scholarship covers two years of full-degree education in the Institute for Liberal Arts and may be renewable to graduation.

2. Doshisha University Merit Scholarships for Self-Funded International Students

Doshisha University selects awardees based on their entrance examination results and resident status. The scholarship program at Doshisha University scholarship provides 100%, 50%, and 20% of tuition coverage, with the highest coverage awarded to approximately 10% of the international students. The number of awardees for 50% and 20% tuition reduction varies on each faculty or program. Scholarship recipients may renew their scholarships after two years from the first receipt, as long as their GPA is not 1.50 or below, or have earned more than half of the maximum credits allowed.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Doshisha University Merit Scholarships for Self-Funded International Students

Applicants in the Global MBA course or the International Science and Technology program with certain residence status may apply for this scholarship. Approximately 20% to 30% of international graduate students will receive up to the full tuition amount, while the rest will receive either 30% or 50%, depending on their entrance examination results and research plans. This Doshisha University scholarship for graduate students lasts for two years and can be extended to graduation subject to the university president’s approval.

2. Doshisha University Doctoral-Program Young Researcher Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: equivalent to annual tuition, facilities, and admission fees

This scholarship awards promising students in academic research nominated by the graduate schools in Doshisha University. The Graduate School of Global Studies may recommend graduate students enrolled in its doctoral program and whose age is 34 years old and below for this scholarship. Moreover, this Doshisha University scholarship for international graduate students covers one year of study and may be extended to the complete degree duration, depending on the screening results.


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