Choosing the right college can be a daunting task. There are several things to consider – what degree you’re looking for, whether you’re willing to move across the country or sometimes to a completely different one, and of course, the costs. Many students researching colleges aren’t able to afford expensive tuition fees, and that often makes them reconsider acquiring higher education. However, obtaining a college degree doesn’t have to be expensive since many colleges offer low tuition fees while still presenting interesting programs.

Oftentimes, you also don’t have to compromise on the location of your prospective college since many cheap institutions are located in appealing cities. For instance, Illinois has multiple colleges with low tuition fees which offer certificates, degrees, and many more.

Cheap Colleges in Illinois

1. Lincoln Land Community College

Located in the heart of Illinois, Lincoln Land Community College offers dozens of appealing courses and degrees. Ranging between programs such as Criminal Justice and Paramedicine, all students can find their true calling at this college. Furthermore, while studying at Lincoln Land Community College, students get to experience living in the capital of Illinois – Springfield – which is filled with various attractions and entertainment that the students can explore in their spare time.

2. Richland Community College

This cheap college in Illinois offers specialized courses and accreditation as well as degrees in various fields. Placed in Decatur, this community college gives its students the chance to explore rural life while studying. Moreover, the college offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, which can be helpful to international students.

3. Highland Community College

Established in 1962, this community college offers associate degrees in various disciplines, such as Nursing or Engineering. Highland Community College is also well-known for its basketball team which is in the top 10 nationwide. The only campus that the college has is located in Freeport, but certain courses, such as Nursing, are also provided in different locations, depending on availability.

4. Southeastern Illinois College

Offering nearly 80 certificates and degree programs, Southeastern Illinois College is an extremely attractive option for prospective students. Its location is one of its main perks since students can explore urban surroundings in their free time. Furthermore, this cheap community college in Illinois is home to a forensics and debate team known nationwide. Besides academia, the college also has a broad selection of extracurricular activities, such as social clubs or sports teams.

5. Rend Lake College

Rend Lake College offers 80 certificate programs as well as 43 associate degrees. This cheap college in Illinois is accredited in various fields and has a high retention percentage, which is an impressive perk for prospective students. Moreover, Rend Lake College offers dual-credit enrollment, which allows its students to complete high school while attending college classes.

6. Danville Area Community College

Danville Area Community College offers courses in as many as 76 areas of study. These include degrees, certificates, occupational courses as well as various self-improvement classes. Moreover, due to popular demand, this college owns a special campus designed for career-preparatory courses.

7. Morton College

Morton College was established in 1924, which makes it the second-oldest community college in the state of Illinois. Located in Cicero, this college offers a wide variety of degrees and certificates as well as professional education programs, such as Fire Prevention or Welding. On top of that, Morton College offers multiple scholarships and support to its students, which makes it one of the top choices for community colleges in this state.

8. Lake Land College

Our next cheap college in Illinois is Lake Land College, which offers courses such as Radio-TV Broadcasting and Computer Troubleshooting, and even more than 150 courses are available online. This 2-year community college allows its graduates to pursue further education at a university level or find immediate employment. Furthermore, Lake Land College offers various sports teams and activities that the students can pursue alongside their education.

9. Kaskaskia College

Placed in rural Centralia, Kaskaskia College offers 50 Associate Degrees as well as 102 certificates in occupational areas. Since its establishment in 1940, the college has served all its nine neighboring counties. The institution is committed to providing life-long learning as well as engaging its growing community.

10. Carl Sandburg College

Serving the west-central Illinois region, Carl Sandburg College offers continuing education programs, occupational certificates, and many more forms of qualification. Since it’s a relatively small college (the student body is comprised of around 2000 students), the teaching staff is devoted to providing the best education possible. Moreover, this cheap college in Illinois offers various extracurricular opportunities for its students, such as basketball teams or debate clubs.


We hope that this article on Cheap Colleges in Illinois was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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