Established in 1966 by a royal charter, the University of Surrey has quickly become one of the United Kingdom’s top public schools located in the Surrey town of Guilford. The school’s roots reach back to the Battersea Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1891 to provide advanced educational opportunities primarily for day and evening students. Quickly redesignated and renamed to the Battersea College of Technology, the growing institution eventually began a move to Guilford in 1962 and soon after received its current title. This institution is proud to offer University of Surrey scholarships to international students from various backgrounds.

The total student population has risen to over 15,000 students, consisting of approximately 12,100 undergraduates, and 3,600 postgraduates, including students and researchers. As many as 37% of students are international at the University of Surrey. Over 2,000 full-time staff teach and support student life at the University of Surrey. A complete listing of undergraduate offerings can be viewed here.

The main campus for the University of Surrey is known as Stag Hill. The University of Surrey expanded slightly over a decade ago with the completion of its Manor Park satellite campus, which primarily provides residential and sporting facilities along with additional classrooms. Additionally, the recently completed Surrey Sports Park provided students with access to nearby modernized recreational and sporting facilities.

The school has an endowment of roughly £2.6m. In 2016-17, the University of Surrey’s annual income of  £267.3m slightly outpaced its total expenditure of £260.9 million. With many renowned faculty and researchers, as much as £40.3 million of the yearly income came from research grants and contracts. Also, much of the endowment goes toward recruiting excellent international students by offering University of Surrey scholarships.

After studying and researching at the University of Surrey in Guilford, many individuals have contributed to the world beyond education. For example, Andreas Mogensen became the first Danish astronaut, while being a former researcher at the Surrey Space Centre. Many alumni address the pressing issues of modern society as economists, business leaders, and politicians, including Members of Parliament for both the Labour and Conservative parties in the United Kingdom.

University of Surrey Scholarships for International Students

Graduate Scholarships

1. Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship

As long as the students have received an offer from the University, they are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Based on the applications, an awards panel chooses those who are going to receive the award. The applications are being reviewed each month. Those in different programs, such as engineering and economics, are eligible for applying. To know more, you can check out the link above.

There are several scholarships that are reserved for international students at the University of Surrey. You can find the complete scholarship information on this page. All international students are eligible for some of the scholarships, and some scholarships are awarded based on the country of origin or field of study.

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University of Surrey Admissions

The best place to find admissions information is the official website. This official website page has clear admissions guidelines and other relevant information such as country-specific information, find a course, how to apply, scholarships, studentships, student life, and accommodations. If you are planning to apply, definitely go to this page and see if the University of Surrey is a right fit for you.

I hope that this article on the University of Surrey Scholarships was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the United Kingdom Programs for International Students.