Data Science is an up-and-coming field. In today’s world of increasingly complex data, thousands of companies and firms are on the constant lookout for talented Data Scientists. Ireland has established itself as one of the world’s leading centers to study Data Science, with numerous students flocking to its universities each year. This article lists the five best universities that offer a Master’s degree in Data Science in Ireland.

Universities In Ireland That Offer a Master’s in Data Science

1. Trinity College Dublin

Established in the late 16th century, Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s most elite university. It enjoys a historic relationship with the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Based on a compact, 47-acre campus, the College sits neatly in Dublin’s city center next to the Irish parliament, where it has inspired individuals to reach ever greater heights for centuries. Famous alumni of the institution include playwright Oscar Wilde, writer, and author of the classic, Dracula, Bram Stoker, and philosopher Edmund Burke.

Trinity College Dublin offers an MSc in Data Science. It affords students the opportunity to undertake a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and specialize in Data Science. The Data Science specialization program focuses on three main components: the management and storage of data, the analysis of data, and computation. The specialization runs across three semesters with the final semester comprising a dissertation. In the first two semesters, students can choose optional courses in addition to mandatory courses which include Machine Learning and Data Analytics.


2. University College Dublin

The second university in Ireland that offers a Master’s in Data Science is University College Dublin (UCD. It was established in 1854 in Ireland’s capital city. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious Irish university after Trinity College, which is based in the same city. Ireland’s largest university, University College Dublin comprises over 30,000 students and almost 15,000 faculty members. The university has produced five Nobel laureates, in addition to notable alumni including novelist James Joyce and barrister Garret FitzGerald.

UCD offers two MSc degrees in the Data Science field: an MSc in Data Analysis and an MSc in Data & Computational Science. The former is an online course aimed at students with an interest in the analysis of large data sets. The course involves online videos and discussion boards, where students can ask their teachers directly for help. The Data & Computational Science program is not an online degree. It is a more technical program and invites students from heavily quantitative backgrounds such as Mathematics. The degree offers a specialization in exciting areas such as Cryptography and Financial Mathematics. Upon graduation, students will be qualified to land jobs at the world’s leading technology companies and financial services, including Google, LinkedIn, and Deloitte.


3. University College Cork

Located in Ireland’s second-largest city, University College Cork was established in 1845. The university prides itself as a research-oriented institution and has been among the leading Irish research universities in recent years. Most importantly, this university in Ireland offers a Master’s degree in Data Science! Composed of seven faculties, it comprises over 20,000 students and almost 3,000 faculty members and staff. The campus includes the attractive Lewis Glucksman art gallery, a new Student Hub, and the state-of-the-art Crawford Observatory. It offers a large range of sports and societies to its students both on and off-campus. Notable alumni of the university include Inception actor Cillian Murphy, politician Micheal Martin, and rugby player Ronan O Gara.

The university offers a one-year Master of Science program in Data Science and Analytics. The degree is offered by the Science, Engineering, and Food Science College. It costs 7,000 euros for EU citizens and 18,000 euros for non-EU citizens. It is a joint program conducted by the Departments of Computer Science and Statistics. The program is divided into two parts, with Part 1 consisting of 60 credits and Part 2 comprising 30 credits. It is taught through a combination of lectures and practicals. Students can expect to learn about the programming, management, and analysis of data, among other things. With a Data Science and Analytics degree from University College Cork, students can look forward to opportunities at leading technology companies, analytics firms, financial services, and the government.


4. Maynooth University

Ireland’s most recently established university, Maynooth was founded in 1997 in Maynooth, a small university town. With a population of just 15,000, the town provides the perfect place for students to study in. The university comprises a modest student body of just 13,000 students, and 900 staff members. It features two campuses across from each other. The newer campus is based on 100 acres of land and features the university’s Sports Complex and Student Union. Notable alumni include actress Seana Kerslake, politician Mark Clinton, and singer Eimear Quinn.

Maynooth offers a Master of Science degree in Data Science and Analytics. It is a relatively new course, having been initiated in 2017. The program lasts a year and is taught jointly by the university’s Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Science Departments, and the National Center for Geocomputation. After learning the fundamentals of Data Science, students will be taught statistical machine learning. Before graduation, students are also required to submit a thesis. Maynooth graduates can anticipate promising career prospects after completing the MSc in Data Science and Analytics, such as in the fields of IT, Finance, Healthcare, and Food Science.


5. Cork Institute of Technology

The final institution on our list is the Cork Institute of Technology. Founded in 1973, it comprises 17,000 students and 900 faculty members. This university in Ireland offers a Master of Science program in Data Science & Analytics which is taught over the course of three semesters. The first semester focuses on the basics of Data Science; students are taught foundational mathematics, computer science, and statistics. In the second semester, students are afforded an opportunity to specialize. The final semester consists of a project in which students apply the knowledge and skills they have gained during the first two semesters.

CIT’s main campus is located in Bishopstown, near Cork, and covers an area of approximately 80 acres. It features all the amenities and facilities a student would expect to find at a university, including sports grounds, an indoor swimming pool, and a computing center. The institution is closely associated with University College Cork, with which it runs a number of degree programs.


I hope that this article on universities in Ireland with a Master’s in data science was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Data Science Programs for International Students!