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Students can study medicine and obtain two different degrees: M.D. or MBBS. We will go over requirements and countries that offer these degrees.


M.D. Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree with courses in Biology, Chemistry, etc

MCAT Scores

Clinical Experience (Recommended)

MBBS Requirements

High School Diploma

Passing Entrance Tests (Differs by Country and Universities)

Top Destinations for M.D Degree

United States

United States is home to top medical schools in the world! It is one of the best countries, if not the best, to study medicine. Take a look at the top medical schools in the United States!

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Canada is also home of top medical schools in the world. The medical schools in Canada have been providing an excellent education to thousands of prospective doctors for years Take a look at the top medical schools in Canada.

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Top Destinations for MBBS Degree


China is a good country to study MBBS degree in. Almost all medical schools in China offer MBBS degree, requiring students to have a high school diploma, Chinese language exams, and other requirements. Take a look at the top medical schools in China

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Korean medical schools offer MBBS degrees for their medical students. Korea is known for its excellence in its medical education. Take a look at the top medical schools in Korea for international students.

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Germany offers MBBS degrees in its excellent medical schools. An awesome pro of these medical schools is that many of them are free even for international students. So, international students can take advantage of excellent education along with free tuition.

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