Nova Southeastern University is an accredited private institution that encourages relationship growth and promotes talent discovery. It is the largest private research university in Florida. Besides, it meets the American Department of Education’s criteria for serving students aligned with the Hispanic community. In brief, it is the largest institution of its kind in the U.S.

A report by the Carnegie Foundation ranks Nova Southeastern University among 37 institutions that thrive on high research and community engagement. The school, also dubbed as NSU stands in Davie, Florida. It is a vast enterprise that occupies 480 acres of land and hosts 18 colleges.

NSUs primary aim since 1964 has been to engage, inspire, and transform lives through academics. The university, being a trendsetter, attracts 21,625 students. About 13,575 are permanent trainees with 8,050 candidates being periodic students. Virtual learning is also available.

Nova Southeastern University also accommodates associate, master’s, specialist, first-doctoral, and doctorate students. The education hub is famous for its vast alumni network that totals to 185,000 individuals. It is the perfect professional nexus for new and aspiring graduates.

Getting enrolled, however, is never easy. Recall, Nova is prominent for its average acceptance rate of 58%. Trainees must also achieve an SAT score of 1245. It is the ultimate breeding ground for A- students. Campus demographics reveal that you have to be among the top 32% of applicants for you to qualify. Other than that, you must attain a mean ACT count of 25.5. In a nutshell, your chances of getting enrolled increase when your grades are excellent.

Other admission requirements include a high school class rank, proof of completion of the college preparatory program, recommendations, and a robust portfolio. There are 65 degree programs to choose from at NSU. However, a significant number of learners settle for biology, nursing, and business courses. You are also free to go for optometry, psychology, or even marine biology provided you meet the right qualifications. A mean GPA score of 3.79 is ideal for enrollment.

Nova is the home of value. It is not only an education center but also an employment hub. Around 5,000 employees work for the organization. The school hires private and resident contractors. Thus, you can study and teach at the same time.

Student life at NSU is fascinating. Students are free to join any of the 100 clubs and organizations available. More so, 19 other student government associations contribute to the fun. Sororities and fraternities provide a firm social foundation for all trainees. There are 6 sororities and 5 fraternities in total.

NSU runs a newspaper called The Current. The university also broadcasts news through its WNSU Radio X station. Unfortunately, the cost of learning at NSU is higher than on other campuses around Florida. The average annual undergraduate tuition fee is $28,980. This value surpasses other college averages by 4%.

Other institutions charge $27,755 for four years of studies. When combined with other additional costs, NSUs annual fee stands at $29,930. From the look of things, Nova Southeastern University is the perfect environment for learning provided you can afford it. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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