This is an category page for automatic scholarships for international students. Here, you will discover many automatic scholarships that are available to international students based on standardized scores (SAT and ACT) and GPA. I have personally checked all of these scholarships that are listed in this category by calling individual institutions.

Please note that there are many scholarships other than the automatic scholarships such as competitive and external scholarships. With the combination of competitive, external, and automatic scholarships, it is possible that a student can receive a full-ride to a prestigious university. For example, if a student receives engineering scholarship and Presidential scholarship at University of Alabama, the total cost will be $11,000 per year. However, if he receives external scholarships totaling $11,000 which is totally possible, he can study at University of Alabama free of charge.

Please read all of the scholarship information that are listed in this site, and also please notify me if there are any other scholarships for international students.